The Magisterial Brussels

brussels 4

The focus of European diplomacy and the city where all big decisions about the European Union take place is Brussels. The capital of Belgium and the biggest city of the country with over a million inhabitants is the perfect place for a short time vacation. Brussels is situated at the heart of the Europe and because of its proximity to the Atlantic Ocean the climate is oceanic.


Explore the History - Istanbul


The capital of the ancient Byzantium the city that was the touchstone for the ancient world is nowadays one of the most popular destinations all over the world. Istanbul is the largest city of Turkey and one of the largest in the world with 13 million inhabitants.


Florence the City of Renaissance

florence 3One of the most excited cities in Italy is no doubt Florence. The capital and most popular city of the region of Tuscany considered the birthplace of Renaissance. It is also famous for the architecture and the arts. Those facts are the reasons that nowadays Florence attracts millions of tourists each year. Special involution at the development of the city provided the family of Medici. This wealthy family helped Florence in order to be improved.


Vienna Attractions

Vienna-State-Opera-Staatsoper1The Vienna State Opera (Staatsoper) which is located at the center of the city is one of the most famous Operas all over the world. Its construction begins in 1861 by the architects Eduard van der Null and August von Siccardsburg. During the Second World War the building was exploded by a bomb and was destroyed. In 1955 it was opened again. Nowadays the most recognizable artists and composers perform at Staatsoper. Tours costs 5 euro but the best way to admire the inside building is during a performance.


The Arabian Lisbon

lisbon 2

A very low budget place to spend your holiday is Portugal. The capital of Portugal and largest city of the country is Lisbon, which population is almost half a million. Lisbon which is built up on seven hills is famous from Fados songs which are songs that mainly refer to love and pain. Other features of Lisbon are also the influence from Arabian settlers and of course its strategic position in Europe which constitutes the European gate to South America.


The Charming Berlin

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One of the most exciting capitals all over the world is Berlin. After the reunion of the city Berlin improved and became a very interesting destination. The capital and the most famous city of Germany is nowadays a very important crossroads. The population of the city is over of 3 million of people. Berlin is a city where art and civilization expressed by the finest museums but on the other hand you will not be disappointing by the nightlife of the city.


Prague the City of Vltava

prague1Prague is the capital of Czech Republic and one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Its population is almost 1 and a half million and it is situated at the north of the country. It was also the capital of Bohemia. However the most recognizable souvenir of the city is the Bohemia crystals. The city of Prague is divided from the Vltava river. Eastward to the river you will find the stare mesto (old town) and the nove mesto (new town) and at the west side of the river, the area called Mala Strana. The currency of Czech Republic is Czech Coruna (CZK) and 1 euro is almost 25 Corunas. You will find many posts in the city where they offer exchange in a very good currency. The best one is the Exchange which is near to the Old Town Square.


Phuket the Gate to Paradise


Phuket-Thailand1    Phuket is a small island which belongs to Thailand. City of Phuket is very small with almost 75,000 inhabitants. Most of the people who have visited consider that this island is the paradise on earth. In Phuket you will find amazing beaches with glassy water, variety of gourmet restaurants in very economy prices and of course luxurious hotels which offer all comforts at the best prices.