A Memorable Glimpse at the Historical London


London2London, a captivating city and capital of England has always been one of the preferred destinations for travelers. Every year, thousands of tourists visit here, and carry home the memories of the lovely time they have spent. Truly, known as "The World in a city", you will be able to view the wealth of diverse cultures and communities of the world. About 230 different languages are spoken here, and the city has so much to offer to its travelers, like historical museums, ancestral monuments, striking gardens, and happening nightlife.




 Plan everything in advance


Situated in the center of the world, reaching here is not a problem. Being one of the busiest tourist spots, it has 5 main airports. Heathrow, Luton, Gatwick, and Stansted that keeps it connected to the globe. Connected with advance and convenient transportation services, like Euro rail, underground pipes, and shuttle service, travelers will never have to worry about commuting. It is best to rent a car to reach comfortably at your destination. Visit booking economy and plan your trip and all your Travel services. Book tickets for tours & activities early, save money and skip the lines. Also compare hotel prices and hotel deals based on your budget.

Once planning a tour of this magnificent place, make sure to visit the Historical Museums that will open the gateways to the rich galley of cultural diversity. Most of the facilities have free entry, so ideal for family holidays, especially with children and artists. These tourist attractions are renowned worldwide, including the British Museum, Museum of London, National Gallery, Science Museum, Natural History Museum, Victoria and Albert Museum, and the Royal Museums Greenwich. Make sure you spend some time here, and enjoy a memorable glimpse of the historical London.





World Renowned: British Museum


Discover a unique comparison and display of world cultures, around the glorious Great Court of British Museum. Get close to the exhibit of sculptures, mummies and priceless work aging 2 million years of prehistoric humans to modern man, from all across the globe. Main highlights are over the Parthenon sculptures, Rosetta stone, and ancient Egypt mummies, for which over 6 million travelers visit this place every year. Entrance to the permanent display is free, but those who wish to donate can provide £5 and above.

Aside from the exhibits, there are certain events and activities (small fees), which can be enormous fun for family and children. Enjoy family activities, like El Dorado Sleepover with an overnight stay, Camden Youth Concert Band or exhibitions, like Beyond El Dorado: Ancient Colombia Power and Gold, and Coins and the Bible. You can also attend workshops on Colombian Dance, El Dorado Animation and take an Enlightenment Spotlight Tour. It is advised to book tickets for activities early as they may have limited seats. Children entry is free with the family members, and they can also enjoy free art classes, trails, backpacks and more. The place also offers casual contemporary dining and family dining at their Court restaurant, Court Cafes, and Gallery Cafe.


The British Museum is situated on Great Russell Street, and opens all day from 10.00-17.30. On Fridays it is open till 20.30 for special events, and meals. You can travel on tubes with underground stations on the locations Russell Square, Court Road, Holborn, Tottenhan and Goodge Street, all located within 500-800m. You can also hop on buses, or pick your ride from bike racks on Great Russell Street or Barclays Cycle Hire. This museum lies within the Car Congestion Charge zone, so it is advised to rent a car, and reach here.

British museum is the most talked about attraction in the city of London. Soak up in the rich diversity of culture and heritage.



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