The Beauties of Tuscany

pisaTuscany is a region in Italy which is very famous because of the fact that was the birthplace of Renaissance. In Tuscany the visitor has a great variety of cities and villages to visit. The most well known city is Florence. But Tuscany is not only Florence. Who doesn’t know Pisa with the famous leaning tower or the Chianti villages with the famous wine?  Let’s discover five top destinations of Tuscany.

Pisa: Pisa is a city which is famous from the leaning tower. The leaning tower is situated at one of the most beautiful squares at the whole Italy: the Campo dei Miracoli which means the field of the miracles. Except the leaning tower visitor has the possibility to admire the Baptistry, the Duomo and the Campo Santo. Skip the lines and rise up to the leaning tower by booking your ticket here or alternatively if you prefer except the leaning tower to enjoy everything at Campo dei Miracoli prefer this ticket. Except this amazing square Pisa have many beauties. The River Arno which crosses the city and the picturesque alleys of Pisa makes the walking romantic and pleasant. Here you can make your booking at your hotel in Pisa.

Siena: Siena is the second largest city of region of Tuscany. The beauty of the city is stemmed by the historical center. The central square of Siena is Piazza del Campo which is a huge but really fascinating square. At the summer months various events take place to Piazza del campo. The mostSiena interest building in Piazza del Campo is the Palazzo Publico which nowadays constitutes the cityhall of Siena. Close to Piazza del Campo is the prominent Duomo of Siena. This huge, baroque building includes valuable art of sculpture and indicates the pride of the city. Skip the lines at Duomo by booking your visit here. This ticket also includes a walking tour at the city. You could also book your hotel in Siena easily and economy here.

San Gimignano: This medieval village is situated at the top of a hill close to Siena. It is famous for its towers. At the past there were seventy towers which denoted the wealth of the village. Nowadays fourteen towers are still inlay the city. The most famous and tallest tower is the Torre Grossa. The visitors have the possibility to rise up in order to enjoy the view from the 54 meters height. San Gimignano is also famous for its wines. This offer includes a tour at San Gimignano with also wine tasting.

san gimignano Lucca: Lucca is a fabulous small city at the northwest of Tuscany. Great composers such as Giacomo Puccini and Luigi Boccherini were born here. In honor of those two composers mount great concerts at Teatro del Giglio. During your tour in Lucca make a stop at the Cathedral (Duomo) of the city and at the Torre Guinigi which height is 44 meters and carries outstanding view of the city. Find your hotel in Lucca easily here.

Chianti villages: Chianti villages are famous from the local wine and the many wineries that are situated on the villages. Here you can discover an interesting wine tour. The informal capital of the villages is the Greve in Chianti. It is 31 kilometers far away from Florence and except the wineries visitors has the possibility to enjoy gnarly quality of meet. During your tour at Chianti villages make a stop also at Castello di Brolio which is a vineyard since 1007. Chianti villages will be an unforgettable experience and the personification of a succeed vacation in Tuscany.






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