The Capital of Cigars

cuba 2The diamond of the Caribbean, the island which has been carried through the American embargo, Cuba, is one of the most famous destinations in the world. Cuba is the largest island of the Caribbean with population over eleven million. The capital of Cuba is Havana. Most of the people think that Cuba is only Havana but this not true. Cuba has a variety of cities that offer to the visitor something unique.   

In Cuba there are two different currencies. There is the Cuban Convertible Peso (CUC) which mainly appeals to tourists and the Cuban Peso (CUP) which mainly appeals to the citizens of Cuba.

The capital of Cuba, Havana, is the commercial center of the country. The city is famous from cigars. Visitors of Havana have a lot of things to do and a lot of sights to see. First of all the most impressive building of Havana is the Capitol which is a copy of the American Capitol. The cigars of Havana are well known in the whole world. In a suburb of the city is situated the factory of the cigars. A visit to the factory will be very useful. The most beautiful part of the city where people enjoy their walk is the Malecon, the waterfront street of Havana. From this part of the city young people start their afternoon escape. It is also the old town of Havana that attracts the interest of the visitor. The alleys with the old residences are a point of interest. At the old town visitor meets people who enjoy their life despite their poverty. Generally Havana is a city that visitor has to walk a lot in order to discover the secrets of the city. cuba 3

As mentioned before Cuba is not only Havana. And if Varadero for some people is very touristic and do not typify the original Cuba this charming island is full of beauties and interests. A very special city in Cuba is Trinidad. Trinidad is really picturesque city with charm central square and beautiful alleys around of it. A few kilometers away is situated the Santa Clara where the monument of Ernesto Che Guevara is sited. Santa Clara which is the fifth Cuban city by population is also a picturesque city with endearing squares and really welcoming people.

Special interest in Cuba has the very old but very well preserved cars. Due to American embargo the citizens of Cuba did not have the possibility to make trading. As a result nowadays visitors enjoy a spectacular view of those cars.

Cuba is also a destination that visitor has to know some things before his journey. For example the citizens of Cuba live under poverty. Due to this fact you will see many beggars during your vacation. Moreover it is really dangerous to walk in some neighborhoods of Havana late at night. On the other hand if the visitor is careful and do not show for example the expensive camera or the expensive watch will not face any problem. After all Cuba is a destination where the visitors come along with something totally different, totally unique. Find all the hotel deals in Cuba here


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