The Unique Venice

venice3For the most of the people Venice is the most romantic city of Europe. There is no doubt about this. But on the other hand is also a very interesting and exciting destination. Venice is sited at the northeastern of Italy and interestingly has been built up entirely on the sea. The city is composed by narrow alleys and canals. The architecture of Venice with the unique palaces and fabulous churches indicate a great environment for vacation.


Due to the singularity of Venice prices of hotels are in some occasions overrated. But if you try to make your booking a few months before your visit you will succeed an economy booking. Find your accommodation in Venice here. The ideal way to travel at Venice is by plane. Venice is served by Marco Polo international airport which is situated about ten kilometers away from the city center. From Marco Polo airport there is the public bus which serves the visitors to be off to Piazza le Roma with only one euro. Alternatively there is this way of transportation.


Start your tour at Venice from the prominent Piazza San Marco. This square indicate political, religious
venice 1 and financial center of Venice. At the eastward part are sited the Basilica di San Marco and the Doges Palace. Basilica di San Marco is a commanding temple which was built for two basic reasons. The first one was to express the power of Venice and secondly to house the grave of San Marco. Organize your tour at
the Basilica di San Marco here. On the other hand the Doges Palace (or Palazzo Ducale) constitutes a fine combination of Gothic and Renaissance style. This palace was the residence of Doges from 697 since 1797. The visitor has to be guided at the interior of the Palace in order to enjoy a unique architectural sight. Besides Titian, Tintoretto and Bellini has signed many of the paintings. Skip the lines and discover the Doges Palace easily by booking your visit here.


A very interesting and beautiful square of Venice is the Campo Santa Margherita. This square is full of life night and day and took its name from the church of Santa Margherita which is sited at the square. Other points of interest in Campo Santa Margherita is the Palazzo Foscolo, the Corte delFondaco and of course the outdoor cafes where people enjoy their favorite espresso.


A trip at Venice without a boating with a gondola is inevitable. Besides is a very romantic experience for a couple to enjoy a gondola tour. The most special canal is the Grand Canal which is four kilometers. During your boating at the Grand palace you will be face with the Rialto Bridge. This bridge offers a spectacular view of Venice. At the Grand Canal is sited the Fondaco dei Turchi. This unique building at the past was a Turkish commercial center. Nowadays is a museum. Other interesting buildings of Grand Canal is the Ca’ Pesaro, Punta della Dogana and of course the church of Santa Maria delle Salute. Enjoy your boating at the Grand Canal by booking your tour here


After all the charm of Venice is the city itself. Very intense senses appear as you enjoy your boating in a gondola or you’re walking in an alley. If you are preparing for your first visit in Venice be sure that the romanticism and the beauty of the city will compensate you. But even you have already visit Venice the second visit will consummate the first. 

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