The Little Mermaid (Copenhagen)

Copenhagen 1One of the most beautiful cities of Scandinavia is Copenhagen. The capital of Denmark is also the largest city with over a million inhabitants and of course the most famous and interesting city of the country. Most of the people know the city from the sculpture of the Little Mermaid or from the great Hans Christian Andersen but Copenhagen has many attractions and interests that charm the visitor.

Copenhagen carries the largest airport in Scandinavia and one of the biggest in Europe, the Kastrup international airport. The transportation from the airport to the city downtown is based on a well organized schedule of means of transport. It is also the Roskilde airport which is situated thirty kilometers from Copenhagen.

The currency of Denmark is the Danish Krone (DKK). One euro is almost 7 DKK. The city carries a great variety of hotels and accommodations. In order to find yours efficient check here. But if you want to make your booking economy tries to book your hotel a few months before your visit at the Danish capital.
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The city of Copenhagen can be easily explored on foot. Besides is a small picturesque city that carries many pedestrian areas. For those reason a main attraction of the city is the many running tours that take places in Copenhagen. Those running tours constitute a very interesting novelty for the visitors. If you want to be part of a running tour check here. Alternative and if you are not a fun of walking or running prefer a bike for your transportation in the city. Besides the city is full of bikers who they enjoy the city. At the end a very enjoyable way to explore the city is a canal tour by boat. Discover the secrets of the city from the canals. A very interesting canal tour is this.

A great tip for the visitor of Copenhagen is the Copenhagen card. This card includes free admission to means of transport such as buses, trains and metro. It also includes free admission to 75 museums and attractions and discounts on many more attractions. So allows the visitor to enjoy his vacation. Find the Copenhagen card here. On the other hand a very common way to explore a city is the Hop on Hop off buses. In Copenhagen the Hop on Hop off bus covers all the attractions of the city and the visitor has the possibility to enjoy his tour as he take the best photos of the city. Find your ticket in the Hop on Hop of
bus here.

The Bronze sculpture of the Little Mermaid is the most well known attraction of the city. But on the other hand the city carries a great variety of attractions. For example a very special and novelty attraction is the Carlsberg brewery. With admission 65 Danish kroner the visitor has the chance to discover the procedure of beers output. The Tivoli Gardens is one of the most visited places in Denmark with 600 m2 expansion. Admission costs 65 Danish kroner. Except the games that the visitor has the chance to enjoy, the program contains live music every day. Enjoy both Tivoli Gardens and Carlsberg Brewery by booking this ticket.








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