Florence the City of Renaissance


florence 3One of the most excited cities in Italy is no doubt Florence. The capital and most popular city of the region of Tuscany considered the birthplace of Renaissance. It is also famous for the architecture and the arts. Those facts are the reasons that nowadays Florence attracts millions of tourists each year. Special involution at the development of the city provided the family of Medici. This wealthy family helped Florence in order to be improved.

Florence is situated at the North of Italy (about 300 kilometers from Rome). River Arno which leaks out the city donates a charming view to the city. The visitor of Florence has many ways to visit the city. First of all at Peretola international airport are landing many flights every day. For your transportation from the airport to the city check here. The central train station of Santa Maria Novella also serves hundreds of people daily and constitutes a benchmark of the city. In addition the city provides to the visitor many hotels and accommodations. So the visitor can choose between a great variety of economy low budget hotels or expensive and luxury accommodations. For your own convenience here you can make your booking in your hotel at Florence.

A very clever and economy way to explore the Florence and the whole Tuscany is the Florence Pass. With only 10 euro you have access and discounts at the means of transport and at the points of art in the whole region of Tuscany. Florence is a city with a highly interesting historical center where visitor can discover it on foot. Walking at Florence is a very pleasant situation with many pedestrian areas and so many interesting spots to stop and see. There are many walking tours that could help to explore the city.florence 2 The ideal one is this. Alternatively try to find the interest of the city by bike. Rent your bike tour here.

Piazza della Repubblica and Piazza della Signoria are the two most central square of the city. Around of those squares spread the very picturesque historical center. Close to Piazza della Repubblica is situated the Duomo. The first thoughts when you face that church are indescribable. It is so gracious the building that the only thing that you have to do is to stay with your mouth open as you admire this masterpiece. From the Dome of the Duomo which is a fabrication of Brunelleschi and from belfry which was designed by Giotto the visitors have a breathtaking view to the whole city. Organize your visit to Duomo and skip the lines by booking your tickets here. During your visit in Florence you will find many churches that will attract your interest. Santa Maria Novella from which took its name the train station, Santa Croce and Santa Maria dell Carmine are only three of those. Do not neglect to visit and light a candle.

At Piazza della Signoria is situated the greatest museum of Renaissance globally, the Uffizi.  Internally of the Uffizi the visitor has the possibility to admire almost 1700 masterpieces of Leonardo Da Vinci, Titian, Giotto, Botticelli and more. The building which accommodates the museum was built as the offices of the Medici. Skip the lines and save money by booking economy your tickets here. Farther on the Uffizi and meet the river Arno and the most beautiful bridge of the river, the famous Ponte Vecchio. This picturesque bridge seems like a building inside the river. Over the bridge you will find many souvenir shops and jewellery stores. Cross the Ponte Vecchio and be off to Palazzo Pitti which is situated at the south of river Arno. This palace was the residence of Medici at the past. Nowadays constitutes a brilliant museum with extremely masterpieces of Titian and Rafael.

Florence is also the birthplace of the ice creams. Around the city center you will find many shops that sell delicious ice creams at many tastes. Do no miss the chance and savor an ice cream. After all Florence is a city with many interests and attraction which offer to the visitor many alternative ways of vacation. Just enjoy it.

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