Las Vegas

Las Vegas 2A quote says that «what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas». That expression is enough for someone who has not visit the city yet to understand what happens in Las Vegas. A city which is the largest in the state of Nevada, is the city that never sleeps, the city where people have fun and live their life intensely, the city of gambling, the city of exaggeration. And of course is one of the most famous destinations in the world. For the most of the people Vegas is the global capital of entertainment.

The exaggeration of the city transpires of the fact that Las Vegas is the brightest city from the out of space. City is full of huge and commanding hotels which offer all the amenities to their customers in really economy prices. And that because of hoteliers are sure that their guests will spend a lot of money in the casino. Bellagio, The Venetian Resort, Caesars Palace, Paris are only a few of the splendid hotels-casinos of the city. The temptation of casinos attracts thousands of people who visit the city every day in order to try their chance in the gambling. Here you will find a great variety of hotels and accommodations in Las Vegas. Make your booking economy and be prepared for the party.

The international airport that serves the visitors of Vegas is McCarran and is situated only 8 kilometers south of the downtown of the city. Through the proximity prefer a taxi for your transportation from the airport to your hotel. It will not cost a lot. After your arrival to your hotel you will be ready to explore the city. In order to succeed that easily checks this tour and take a first look to the city. Alternatively there is the helicopter tour. The helicopter tour lasts 7 minutes and let you to take the most incredible photos over the bright lights.

Nightlife is a challenge for some of the visitors of the city. Many gangs of single person spend their night at the clubs of the city and enjoy themselves until the morning. Besides the very famous film «The Hangover» which was filmed in the city, describe the situation of the Vegas nightlife. For those who are really want to explore the total nightlife of the city i suggest this offer which include all about Vegas by night.las vegas 3

Except the amazing buildings, the gambling and the entertainment Vegas offers a great variety of options to its visitors. For example one of the seven natural wonders of the world, the Grand Canyon, is only a few miles away. An excursion like this is a unique experience for everyone. Here you will find a bus tour from Vegas to the Grand Canyon and here a helicopter tour. A very interesting excursion is also the Death Valley. During your vacation to Las Vegas escape to the desert and discover the Death Valley. Find this tour here.

On the other hand and behind the bright profile of the city, Vegas is also a very dangerous place. Especially for those who are not careful. Besides in a city with so many casinos there is the danger to stay broke. It is also the uncontrollable night that threatens those who will not be careful. In conclusion a journey to Las Vegas will be an unforgettable experience but the traveler must be well balanced with the gambling and prudent during the night.

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