The Beauties of Tuscany


Tuscany is a region in Italy which is very famous because of the fact that was the birthplace of Renaissance. In Tuscany the visitor has a great variety of cities and villages to visit. The most well known city is Florence. But Tuscany is not only Florence. Who doesn’t know Pisa with the famous leaning tower or the Chianti villages with the famous wine?  Let’s discover five top destinations of Tuscany.


A Memorable Glimpse at the Historical London

London2London, a captivating city and capital of England has always been one of the preferred destinations for travelers. Every year, thousands of tourists visit here, and carry home the memories of the lovely time they have spent. Truly, known as "The World in a city", you will be able to view the wealth of diverse cultures and communities of the world. About 230 different languages are spoken here, and the city has so much to offer to its travelers, like historical museums, ancestral monuments, striking gardens, and happening nightlife.


Become a Part of Royal Heritage - Historical Tour of London

London1Europe's pride and the world's famous tourist destination, London has the most International visitors every year. The city is beautiful and offers royal heritage, Iconic spots and world-famous landmarks to its tourist, which are the beginning points of tourist attention. Aside, London has over 50 International cities within short-flight space, making it a favorite weekend gateway. It is a well designed and well connected destination with 5 International Airports and speedy Eurorail.


Las Vegas

Las Vegas 2A quote says that «what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas». That expression is enough for someone who has not visit the city yet to understand what happens in Las Vegas. A city which is the largest in the state of Nevada, is the city that never sleeps, the city where people have fun and live their life intensely, the city of gambling, the city of exaggeration.


The Capital of Cigars

cuba 2

The diamond of the Caribbean, the island which has been carried through the American embargo, Cuba, is one of the most famous destinations in the world. Cuba is the largest island of the Caribbean with population over eleven million. The capital of Cuba is Havana. 


The Unique Venice

venice3For the most of the people Venice is the most romantic city of Europe. There is no doubt about this. But on the other hand is also a very interesting and exciting destination. Venice is sited at the northeastern of Italy and interestingly has been built up entirely on the sea. The city is composed by narrow alleys and canals. 


The Little Mermaid (Copenhagen)

Copenhagen 1

One of the most beautiful cities of Scandinavia is Copenhagen. The capital of Denmark is also the largest city with over a million inhabitants and of course the most famous and interesting city of the country. Most of the people know the city from the sculpture of the Little Mermaid or from the great Hans Christian Andersen but Copenhagen has many attractions and interests that charm the visitor.


The Alternative Budapest


Budapest is a city that combines many different but really interesting activities and attractions. Maybe is the variety of the conquests that have passed from this city or the post that Budapest has in the middle of Europe. Let’s discover the alternative Budapest.